Food legislation has become very extensive

Food regulatory issues at national, European and international level can no longer be approached only from the legal aspect. A large number of unofficial requirements, such as requirements by trade partners, demands by consumer protection lobbies also have to be taken into consideration. When placing foodstuffs on the market all official as well as the so-called “private food law” requirements must be adequately taken into account.

How I work

I can support you and your products from idea to market

I can help you assure that your product complies with constantly changing requirements

Whenever and wherever needed, I can put you in touch with specialists

My approach is practical

Because of my professional experience my work is goal oriented

I work in a time and cost effective manner

I don’t tell you what you can’t do.

I tell you how you can do it, so that your products are successful.

Areas of Support

Product development

Packaging design and development

Foodstuffs and their composition

Evaluation and optimization of labeling

Review of advertising and marketing measures; strategic marketing decisions; product positioning; alignment to new circumstances and


Approvals (support throughout the process)

Health Claims


Quality management

Support vis-à-vis consumer protection, authorities and/or food inspections as well as NGOs (non-government organizations)