Strategic and practical support for your food and beverage products

Foodstuffs and beverages are subjected to extensive legislation. In order for your products to be successful in the markets, knowledge about the relevant legislation is not enough. It is important to know how to apply these rules practically.


I have more than 25 years of experience with food legislation and related areas – at national, European and international levels. As of 2008 onwards I have successfully supported globally operating companies and especially small and medium businesses in the development of new products and optimization of existing products. In my work I take into consideration the practical needs of the company.


I develop customized concepts. By doing so, I can rely on the expertise of experts in Germany and internationally from my network.


Through my active participation in the work of national and European professional associations, as well as my contacts to official institutions and their staff, I assure that my expertise is updated and extended to new areas. Thus, if needed, I can represent your company’s interests during the development of legislation.

Marie Dubitsky


Expertise in:

Dairy Products
Food Supplements
Borderline Products


Market Research